Bringing Italy Closer: Learn Italian, Explore the Culture, Travel to Italy

Casa Italia enriches lives with the unique charm and cultural vitality of Italy by teaching the Italian language, exploring Italy’s customs and heritage, and designing distinctive, immersive travel experiences to Italy.

From the lyrical nuance of the language to the local artisanal delicacies of a market in Apulia, no one guides you through Italy’s treasures more knowledgeably or passionately than a native Italian. Cinzia Gallia Schlicksup, born in Milan and founder of Casa Italia, delights in sharing her country’s treasures with clients who want to learn the Italian language, delve into Italy’s cultural roots, or explore Italy’s breathtaking landscape firsthand, in the way it was meant to be experienced: at a gracious, leisurely, savoring pace.

Rome, Caste St. Angelo

Rome, Caste St. Angelo

Casa Italia leverages deep linguistic, cultural and regional knowledge to bring Italy a bit closer. Under Cinzia’s guidance, you will come to better understand and appreciate the incomparable beauty and fascinating culture of Italy.

The authenticity of the Casa Italia experience is grounded in Cinzia’s multi-disciplinary background and client-responsive approach. She does not merely present Italian vocabulary, cultural guidelines or a checklist of sites marked on a map. She invokes the spirit of her country, wrapping language and customs and destinations in the context of the beautiful and extraordinary traditions of Italy. With Cinzia, you break past the tourist notions, and experience the genuine lifestyle of the Italian people.

Cinzia is an Italian linguist, tutor, teacher, speaker, small business owner, travel designer and host of customized travels in the authentic Italy that every traveler dreams of discovering. Her academic and corporate partners include community education services, adult education services, and a variety of Minnesota colleges and corporations. Her clients include corporations, business people, institutions, law firms, and discriminating individuals and groups.

Cinzia’s mission is to collaborate with every client to achieve their objectives while presenting an authentic experience of the best of Italy.

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E. Arveseth

Education Manager / Aveda Corporation (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

"From elementary conversation to advanced grammar and vocabulary, Cinzia Gallia Schlicksup is a pro at all levels of coaching. I needed a good working knowledge of the Italian language for a business trip to Milan in March 2007 and Cinzia put together a comprehensive syllabus and curriculum to help me achieve my language goals. The last five and a half years under her mentorship have been fantastic, challenging, rewarding and fun! I always look forward to our next meeting."