Italian Travel Design, Planning, Hosting. Language instruction.

Since 2003 Casa Italia has been providing outstanding Italian language instruction and unique travel to Italy design, planning and hosting to many delighted students and travelers. Born in Milan, Cinzia now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a linguist and a travel lover, very passionate about Italy, its culture, food, history and natural beauty.

Cinzia Gallia Schlicksup, Founder of Casa Italia LLC.

Cinzia Gallia Schlicksup

Leveraging her fluency both in Italian and in English, as well as decades  of living, working, and traveling between Italy and the U.S. Cinzia Gallia Schlicksup has been providing patient, fun, interactive and competent Italian language instruction to hundreds of delighted students since 2003.

As an Italian born linguist and travel planner, her deep, personal knowledge of Italy, provides her with first hand know how to plan, host, organize unique travels to authentic Italy for enthusiastic travelers.

She founded Casa Italia in 2003 to introduce Minnesotans to the charm of her native language, while also creating unforgettable travel experiences tailored to Italy’s singular natural and historical gems.

As a travel designer, host and planner, she infuses her trips to Italy with her personal expertise, cultural savvy, and deep love for Italy.

She returns to Italy several times a year, not only when she designs or hosts her trips, or when she visits friends and family, but also to cultivate her contacts, or update her expertise with fresh cultural and location discoveries which will delight her customers.

Cinzia has completed a TAU Club Med Ski Specialist Program for skiing travel planning in the Alps.

Casa Italia Mission statement

As a native Italian, I wish to enrich the lives of those interested in Italian history, language, culture, heritage and natural beauty by sharing my passion, personal,  deep knowledge and genuine appreciation for Italy.

I believe that to truly appreciate Italy one should know at least some rudiments of its language and culture, therefore I offer the option to take a few Italian classes in preparation of a trip to Italy. In doing so, travelers can vastly enhance and better savor their travel experience.

Through my Italian classes and cultural briefings I wish to make a trip to Italy a really life-changing, memorable personal experience, giving a much greater appreciation of its singular beauty and fascinating heritage.

Customized Group/ Individual Travel Design, Planning and Hosting to Italy.

Monumental fountain in Spanish square, in the heart of Roma, at base of Spanish steps

Monumental fountain in Spanish square, in the heart of Roma, at base of Spanish steps

We organize, plan, coordinate and host customized, one of a kind active travels, authentic Italy for small groups, families, friends, nature lovers and physically active travelers.

Often focused on a specific area, activity or region, our trips to Italy leverage our native, deep knowledge of the country and love for physical outdoors activities such as walking, hiking, skiing in nature.

Our intimate knowledge of Italy was acquired in decades of living in the country and further honed by frequent, yearly travels back to Italy, not only to its larger, most well know destinations, but also to off-the-beaten path locations ., etc.

Our travels to Italy take you to unusual destinations: quaint villages, recently rediscovered hiking trails in the Apennine Mountains, pristine ski slopes on the Alps Mountains.

They are intentionally at a leisurely pace, to genuinely savor the Italian landscape, art, food, culture.

Casa Italia customized journeys immerse you in “everything, authentic Italian”!

Optional Italian Language Learning prior to a trip to Italy.

Colosseum, Rome, Italy

Colosseum – Rome, Italy

Our customers have the option to learn a little Italian or about the Italian culture before a trip to Italy.

Taught by a native Italian speaker with years of teaching experience, our fun, relaxed Italian language instruction enables students to start speaking Italian quickly, easily after just a few lessons and prepare for a trip of a lifetime.

We emphasize learning the spoken language by encouraging active participation.

We offer individual and small groups (max 8 -9 ) classes at a convenient location in the Twin Cities but also online via Skype for offsite customers.

Free parking, easy access to main highways, proximity to downtown Minneapolis, shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters, public transportation.

A. Morrow

Former Vice President of Development, Family & Children Services / Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Cinzia is extremely well versed in Italian and English grammar and is able to create helpful, practical drills that match the abilities of her students. Cinzia has the extraordinary ability of helping students to begin communicating early—and motivating them to add complexity at a challenging but enjoyable pace. “