Customized Group / Individual Travels to Italy

We believe that to truly appreciate Italy, the pace of the journey must be leisurely to savor the stunning countryside, the glorious history, the legendary cuisine, and the welcoming hospitality of the Italian people.

Our customized travel services design, organize and lead off-the-beaten-path travels in Italy for discriminating individual travelers and small groups.

Medieval Pageant (Veneto Region)

Casa Italia is devoted to helping you discover the marvelous, untrammeled Italy that we know and love.

Casa Italia delights in working closely with you to ensure that your trip will be a memorable discovery of Italy’s quaint villages, beautiful vistas, less-known locations, regional culinary specialties and hidden gems.

Italy beckons travelers with a myriad of sensory delights; our travel services embrace the experiential.

Casa Italia travels reveal best-kept-secret destinations tucked into the sun-soaked Italian landscape.

We prefer to use transportation that allows you to drink in the scenery, via routes selected to avoid big crowds and commercial tourist destinations.

Mountains of Veneto Region

Mountains of Veneto Region

Our trips to Italy put an emphasis on the quality of your personal experience.

We offer you the opportunity to stroll to the local farmer’s market and strike up a conversation while you purchase bread or fresh produce.

With Casa Italia, you will sample local olive oil or gelato, walk the beach or hike a beautiful path, visit an out-of-the-way church or monument, stay at more intimate accommodations, immerse yourself in the captivating Italian pace of life as few travelers ever do.


Ann & Dave W.

Excelsior, Minnesota

Dear Cinzia, One year after our spectacular trip to Italy I have only one regret: my failure to thank you for all you did to make it so memorable! Thank you Cinzia, for the Italian lessons, help in selecting hotels, arranging the excellent guide in Florence, convincing us to stay in Porto Venere at the Grand Hotel, and urging us to experience Milan and the Hotel Gallia! We thought of you so many times in our travels! Know you have a special place in our hearts!