Learn Italian: Language Classes & Tutoring

Italian language classes, individual tutoring with a  passion for the music of the Italian tongue.

Speak everyday Italian

Parli italiano? (Do you speak Italian?)

Our warm, encouraging approach is based on student-focused, interactive teaching methods.

Beside traditional study material, we also use audiovisuals, Italian newspapers, movies and other media for a direct immersion in every-day spoken Italian.

Our multi-level approach to learning the language ensures rapid progress.

Our Italian Classes & Tutoring, in a class setting or online, are tailored and personalized, for ease of learning and fast-paced progress.


Reasons to learn Italian

Learn Italian from a native speaker

Everyone has a unique personal motivation to learn a foreign language.  Perhaps you will find your own reason on this list:

Secure a job domestically or overseas in fashion, design, wine making, translations, art preservation or the food industry

Work for the U.S. government, the CIA, the Vatican or as a newspaper correspondent

Research family history and reconnect with personal heritage

• Better understand and appreciate Italian opera

Communicate with relatives or friends in Italy

Speak to Italians during travels in Italy; make new friends, gain insights and enrich a travel experience

Pursue interests in Italian religious or political history, arts or music

Realize a lifelong dream to study pottery in Florence

Participate in excavations of antiquities in Rome

Whatever your motivation, your learning process with Casa Italia will be engaging and enjoyable, and your new fluency will expand your cultural opportunities.

Italian Individual Tutoring

Italy MAP

Map of Italy

Private language lessons, specially tailored to meet the student’s specific needs.

Our schedule is flexible in duration and designed to accommodate the student schedule and pace.

No refunds after the first class if buying a package.

Italian Group Classes

Our group classes are fun and relaxed, they actively engage students. We strive to make learning Italian an enriching and life changing experience for everyone.

Italian language and tutoring classes are conveniently offered at our St. Louis Park office or remotely via Skype.

No refunds after the first class.

C. Rollings

Director Business Development and Training / Minneapolis Community & Technical College

"Ms. Schlicksup has been able to create a fun, relaxing environment where students of all ages and background feel comfortable learning a new language. She is proficient both in the Italian and in the English languages and grammar and is capable of creating helpful, practical exercises that keep her students interested and motivated."

Kathy B.

"Today is our last day in Tuscany. It's been a wonderful trip and I wanted to let you know my Italian lessons with you were invaluable. I could read signs, pronounce correctly, ask for directions, order in restaurants, etc. --all quite comfortably. Thanks again for preparing me so well."

Marisa Q.

"Mille grazie for all your Italian lessons! Thank you for helping me so much and for your patience and kindness. I learned a lot!"