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Planning a trip to Italy? Our “Practical and Easy Italian for Travelers” class will allow you to communicate with the locals in practical, every-day situations and make your trip easier, more engaging, and deeply memorable.

We offer travel and cultural briefings for both first time and experienced travelers. You will learn:

  • Useful sentences and expressions, some basic pronunciation rules
  • Aspects of Italian culture, art, history and cuisine
  • Invaluable practical information
  • Tips for staying in contact with family and friends while traveling,
  • Guidelines to help you stay safe and avoid pitfalls,
  • Instruction about navigating Italy’s public transportation.

If you have specific adventures or discoveries in mind, we will collaborate with you to make sure your itinerary includes the experiences you desire.

Our detailed, tailored travel and cultural insights will make your next trip to Italy more informed, relaxed, fun.

Anticipation is one of the most delicious pleasures of travel: our classes are focused on helping you to start savoring your vacation long before you leave home.


Italian travel coaching classes conveniently offered in our St. Louis Park, MN office or remotely via Skype.


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Travel consultation fees start at $60/hr and may vary based on the number of participants.

D. C. Murphy

Caterpillar Inc. / Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I will be relocating to Italy by the year-end, and so required specific, fast paced tutoring. Cinzia was able to focus our sessions to real-life situations while also addressing the grammatical aspects of the Italian language. I feel significantly less apprehensive about my relocation now that I can communicate in Italian. Cinzia has a way of keeping her students interested in learning. I actually look forward to our sessions, because they are so productive. Cinzia is very patient and never gets frustrated when a student makes the same error multiple times. I have taken Spanish and French language classes at University level and feel that Cinzia provides an equal, even superior, learning environment.”