Intermediate Italian Conversation / Grammar Spring 2017


Practice your Italian in this intermediate Conversation & Grammar class.  Strengthen your Italian speaking and listening skills,  expand your vocabulary, improve your reading and listening comprehension and learn more advanced grammar. Learn about Italian culture, travel, cuisine, history, art and social trends.

Classes are fun, interactive, strongly participatory. Enroll at any time.


In this Italian intermediate / advanced beginner conversation and grammar, improve your Italian speaking & listening skills, expand vocabulary, enhance reading and listening comprehension, practice more advanced Italian grammar.
Improve your understanding and speaking of everyday Italian: we utilize several current resources, textbooks, handouts, CDs, videos, audio, online material to effectively learn, practice Italian.

Students of Italian at Casa Italia

Students of Italian at Casa Italia

Enhance your verbal communication by practicing, learning idiomatic expressions and applying advanced use of more complex verbs (i.e. compound verb tenses).
Leverage your understanding of the language to explore Italian culture: trends, social and current issue, travels to Italy, art, cuisine and history.
Learning the language is a perfect way to explore the Italian culture and perhaps reconnect with your Italian family or heritage!
We will occasionally read together headlines and short articles  in some of the main Italian newspapers such as Il Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Il Giornale and discuss current trends in society, culture, politics and events happening in Italy.


Learn new vocabulary and current events on Italian newspapers

Italian classes at Casa Italia are fun, relaxed, interactive. We use the text book Mosaici, Edizioni Farinelli offering a good starting point for conversation, questions, learning idiomatic expressions.
Class taught near the West End, in St. Louis Park,  easy to reach, just a few miles away from downtown Minneapolis: free parking, a wide choice of nearby restaurants, shops, entertainment.

Time 6:00 – 7:30 pm
10 sessions on Mondays from Monday March 13, 2017 to Monday May 29, 2017
10 weeks: Mondays (no class on 5/1 & 5/8)
Price $ 300 + books (Mosaici by Edizioni Farinelli & Italian Verb Drills by McGraw-Hill Publishing)

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  1. Thank you for having formed such a great group and for being so patient. I have been studying Italian for many years and I always enjoy the fun interactions with the other students. My Italian has improved so much!
    Sherri, Minneapolis.

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