Skiing Mount Rosa in the Italian Alps: dazzling in Winter

The Mount Rosa (or Monte Rosa Massif) is located in the tiny region of Aosta Valley (Val d’Aosta in Italian), on the North Western side of Italy, bordering with France and Switzerland. At its core are its majestic peaks (the region is, after all, mostly mountainous).

Here we can find the highest peaks in the Alps: Cervino (Matterhorn)Monte RosaGran Paradiso and the king of them all, Mont Blanc, which at 15,781 feet is the highest mountain in Europe.


The Monte Rosa Mountain in the Italian Alps is dazzling in Winter and surprisingly beautiful in Summer, a true mecca for skiers, snowboarders, hikers, nature lovers.

Easily reached from the airports located in the Italian cities of Torino (Turin) in about 1.5 hr by car and from Milan in about 2.5 hr, the Monte Rosa Mountain is a beloved destination for tourists and visitors who enjoy the outdoors and active sports.

Aosta Valley, Italy – Skiing in Champoluc – by ENIT

The Monterosa Ski Group encompasses the Aosta Valley’s villages of Champoluc-FracheyGressoney La Trinite and Alagna Valsesia. From Monte Rosa, skiers will have at their disposal 88 slopes and 44 lifts from Monte Rosa to Mont Avic, to ski up to 3255 mt. (10,745 ft ) above sea level,  with 7 free ride itineraries.

Skiers, hikers and climbers can explore 4000 breathtaking mountains: 5 Guides companies/Outfitters are at disposal to guide tourists while conquering Europe’s most fascinating peaks.

For a choice of the most updated skis, snowboards, snowshoes or other equipment, 30 ski rental stores are available to outfit visitors with brand new equipment and accessories while 8 ski schools, with more than 200 ski instructors, will teach skiers the latest ski, snowboarding and freestyle techniques.

Valle d'Aosta - Valle di Champoluc

Aosta Valley on the Italian Alps, Skiing in Champolluc – by ENIT

Suitable for all level of skiers, the Monte Rosa skiing domain is a paradise not only for adults but also for kids, with a multitude of children day care / ski schools and snow parks suitable for the smallest of the skiers.

Valle d'Aosta - Stafal Gressoney

Aosta Valley, Italy – Gressoney – by ENIT

During a vigorous day on the mountains, skiers, hikers and snowboarders will have the opportunity to taste local food on the slopes at more than 50 bars, inns, fast food and restaurants featuring international, but above all, home made, local cuisine.

Local delicious food include hardy soups,  polenta (cornmeal) with gravy and sauces, wild game meats, sausages, tasty Fontina cheese.

And at the end of a meal, visitors can enjoy the tradition of sharing a “grolla“,  or grole bowl, a traditional local carved wood drinking implement with several spouts.

The “grolla” contains a brew made with of piping hot coffee infused with a variety of grappa or other herbal liquors, cinnamon sticks, clove or other spices, sugar and other ingredients.

It’s called the “friendship cup” and the people who share it will be friends forever!